Yoga Classes

Danni is 200RYT certified Hatha yoga teacher, and completed her intensive training in May 2015 with Zuna Yoga. Since then Danni has been involved in a mentoring programme with the Yoga Space has enrolled in further workshops and training to expand her yoga knowledge, including a two-weekend intensive advanced training in May 2016.

Danni started her own yoga business Bendable not Breakable and teaches Hatha Flow classes around Perth, including corporate, private and group classes.

Hatha Flow finds the perfect balance between effort and relaxation; opening the class with some breathing exercises (pranayama) and gentle warm ups, working up to some standing poses for strength, balance and agility, moving into some beautiful relaxing and restorative poses, before rounding out the class with a blissful Savasana.

Yoga has been a part of Danni’s life for many years after discovering the practice to help her deal with anxiety. The mental and physical benefits of yoga far exceeded her expectations and after experiencing them she wanted to delve deeper into her own yoga practice and also share her knowledge with others. Her goal is to bring safe, supportive and nurturing classes to all walks of life so they too can help deal with stress and discover positive life changes.

Danni: ‘As long I check in with my yoga practice regularly I find that life gets a little easier and a lot more beautiful.
I bend so I don’t break.’

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