The only thing constant in life, is CHANGE.

Parinamavada is a concept in yoga that has special meaning to me. It means the world is constantly changing, no situation is ever the same as before and no moment will ever be repeated.

Truly understanding this concept is probably one of the most liberating things yoga has taught me. I don’t need to get caught up in the bad times, I just need to put one foot in front of the other and let that experience pass. Before I know it that point in time will be gone. This is the case for every SINGLE moment. This second right here will never, ever be repeated.

I knew this, but I didn’t KNOW this. Once it becomes clear then you can ride the wave… the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright horrible…

One day you will wake up and wonder where that time went, how you survived it, how much you miss it, or perhaps not remember it clearly at all.

This time last week I was waking up after arriving back in Perth the previous night. I had no idea that only a week later I would be calling a new place home, listening to Jack Johnson while Mr Onward Bound (MOB – will now be my husband’s nickname) assembles the fridge. Easy does it, before you judge me, I was the one who cleaned it.

We have moved out of the palatial digs where we were residing in the burbs to a teeny tiny little unit on the outskirts of the CBD. It’s small, but I believe beautiful things come in small packages (like diamonds, and small apartments?).  There is still enough room for my pup and my yoga mat so that leaves me pretty satisfied. I feel strangely like we are newlyweds now, after 2.5 years. This is the first time we have lived alone properly for almost 3 years (aside from a cheeky four months in the middle there). We have just returned from a little ‘honeymoon’ in Bali where we spent our days doing a whole lot of nothing at all, to now today setting up our place and starting to live on our lonesome.


It’s an unusual time for me. I haven’t got a job to return to, I don’t know where I will be next week or in a month from now. Strangely enough, I feel more calm than ever. I have a feeling that somehow everything is working out the way it is meant to and things are unfolding as they should.

The park across the road has beautiful flat lawn and the council has no permits. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to look at preparing some flyers and taking some classes to the park. I will also return to the burbs to my northside friends and family and offer a couple of classes to them a week. MOB has me working with him on his business. Yesterday he cruised around quoting jobs while I sat beside him typing them out. I enjoyed my mobile office on the road, saves time typing them later!


the old man checking out his new park

There is enough to keep me busy, but also plenty of time to just be. I want time to honour the commitment I made to myself; to leave myself time and space to be creative. I feel as though I am exactly where I need to be. Who knows where I will be next week. It doesn’t concern me where I was two years ago.

All that matters is this moment, right here and right now. I am pretty happy with this place.

Tonight I am attempting teaching my first class, just a private class with my bestie and her ma. Wish me luck!

Onward Bound xo

About Onward Bound

After a couple of years of dealing with anxiety and infertility; I quit my job and headed overseas to do my yoga teacher training and travel. Here is my place to share my experiences about life, love, yoga, travel, food & everything else in between. This is my pursuit of happiness. I hope you enjoy xo
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