Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened… (Dr Seuss)

Hello from Bali, for the last time… well of course not the last time. But for a little while at least.

Tomorrow marks the last day in this adventure.

It’s time to go home and see my pup, my family, my friends, return to my life but not as I knew it.


I miss gazing into this little guy’s eyes..

I am really looking forward to it. Earlier in the trip there was not one part of me that even wanted to think about ever returning home but I think extending my trip was the best thing I could have done. I am starting to miss creature comforts of home; you know the important stuff like unlimited vegemite at my disposal, showering with my mouth wide open, cooking myself a delicious home cooked meal and full access to my wardrobe (ahem… ahamkara! #yogajokes).

I can’t wait to wake up and practice yoga in the backyard while my dog sits by my side; to give my mum the biggest tightest cuddle; to laugh and play with my cheeky nephew; to see my sister’s smiling face; to meet my girlfriends and walk along the Perth coastline watching our glorious sunsets; to see how much my best friend’s baby belly has grown and give it a big rub; to have a wine (or 3) with my other best girlfriend; to dive into the icy cold waters of our beaches and feel completely refreshed.


I am excited to get all my girlfriends together and start a yoga class with them, to practice everything I have learned and teach them the amazing things you can learn about life and dealing with challenges just by visiting your mat and honouring yourself.

I am going home with a bagful of tricks to deal with the hard times, a memory full to the brink of beautiful moments, a body reenergised and ready for action, and a heart full of love from the amazing friendships I made along the way. I am ready for the next chapter and whatever that might be.


my gorgeous fellow yogis

I still don’t know the grand plan when I return. I just have a list of intentions:

  • continue with my yoga & meditation practice
  • share what I have learned with others
  • keep my creative juices flowing
  • not to be hard on myself; wherever I am is where I am and that is ok
  • trust that no matter what, everything is going to be amazing

Whatever comes after that, well only time will tell!

Onward Bound xo


About Onward Bound

After a couple of years of dealing with anxiety and infertility; I quit my job and headed overseas to do my yoga teacher training and travel. Here is my place to share my experiences about life, love, yoga, travel, food & everything else in between. This is my pursuit of happiness. I hope you enjoy xo
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