Wind beneath my Wings

My sister is 11 months and 13 days younger than me. Yep my parents wasted no time in getting jiggy with it after my birth (GROSS) but this is completely surreal to me as I am talking about two people who cant be within 100m of each other without the start of WWIII. I am fairly sure that my siblings and I were the product of not one, but four immaculate conceptions.

I seem to have deviated…

Back to my sister, during those two weeks we would dress exactly the same. We were TWINS… Even to this day in our 30s sometimes we will dress the same but in all fairness it is probably for only one day… not quite the dedication we had in our youth.

She means the absolute world to me, she is my life force in many ways. She is the one that picks me up when I am feeling down, makes me laugh in ways noone else can, sometimes she drives me so crazy insane I want to slap in her the face, yet she is my best friend and has been since the day she was born.

Unfortunately she was born with cerebral palsy. During labour there was a loss oxygen to her brain so her life was predetermined early on; she was never going to walk and never going to experience life the way I was. That has never stopped her and she continues to astound me with her strength and capacity to grow and kick goals, above and beyond anyone’s expectations… She was never meant to operate a wheelchair, let alone attend a normal high school (which she did right along side her big sister). She has a killer sense of humour. She brightens everyone that she encounters in her life with her determination and basically being as cool as shit. Last year she shaved her head to raise money for cancer, just because.

Sometimes I need a reality check and to find gratitude in the small things in life, because I am incredibly lucky and blessed to have what I have; use of my limbs, the ability to get up and walk to wherever I want to go, to travel, to practice yoga, to ride a bike, to speak and be heard. She has been my shoulder during my infertility woes despite knowing she herself will never carry a child. She manages to smile no matter what the challenge she faces and its beyond inspirational. Every time I lose my way, she is there in the background to give me a pep talk, shower me with love and affection and make me feel ten foot tall. I hope I make her feel even half as good as she does me.


After 6 weeks away from home I am really starting to miss her company.

Onward Bound xo

About Onward Bound

After a couple of years of dealing with anxiety and infertility; I quit my job and headed overseas to do my yoga teacher training and travel. Here is my place to share my experiences about life, love, yoga, travel, food & everything else in between. This is my pursuit of happiness. I hope you enjoy xo
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